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How I can help you in May

Here are the events I have coming up for you in May. In the UK we have two bank holidays (long weekends with Mondays off) this month and hopefully the sun is going to appear at last. That should help us all feel a bit friskier?! A great time to think about re-energising our erotic lives.

How To Feel Confident Naked - Tuesday 7, 8pm (BST), online 

Would you love to feel more confident naked – be that alone or in company, in the bedroom or on the beach? Being confident naked isn’t about how you actually look – it’s about self-care, mindset and education. I got naked professionally for over a decade and have plenty of wisdom and mindset shifts to share!

Jealousy - monstrous emotion, or misunderstood? - 8pm (BST), online 

Whether we are looking to exist more harmoniously in monogamy, or open our relationships up, a better understanding of what jealousy is and how to handle it constructively can benefit us. I'll bet there is far more to this demonised emotion that you had previously realised...

Join me on Substack

Did you know my paying Substack subscribers get my online workshops, such as the two above, free? Substack is a platform for writers, and for £1.25 a week you get my newsletters, plus most weeks audio versions and extra content - and free access to my online workshops. Consider it a backstage pass to my work! Find out more and join here:

Private coaching (1-2-1 or couples)

I have limited space on my books for private coaching;- have a look at to read about what I help clients with and the results they experience.

Here's what client A, a married mum in her 40s, recently said about my coaching:

"As a client of Ruth's over the last few months I can whole-heartedly recommend working with her. I had felt totally broken and despondent. Her coaching, and implementing her advice, has been by far the best investment I've made for my personal development as well as my marriage."

The fee for a journey of private coaching with me (which typically takes 2-3 months) is about to rise significantly, based on the hours of time and dedication I put into these journeys and the mind-blowing results my clients are getting. If you want to book at my current rate of £800, get in touch asap.

Thank you for being part of my community. Whether it's through private coaching, an in-person event, online workshop, or simply by reading my Something For The Weekend Saturday newsletters, I am delighted to be supporting you in your journey towards more pleasure.

With Passion, Ruth

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