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Are you ready for your best sex ever? We tend to look outside ourselves for turn-ons, but understanding how our erotic mind works can lead to our hottest experiences.

Knowing our erotic minds, understanding what we need in bed and why, and being true to that, is the bedrock on which all our sexual experiences should sit.


But so many of us haven’t explored our inner worlds, learnt the science or examined our beliefs. This workshop gives you the opportunity to do so.

Sex life coach and erotic expert Ruth Ramsay will guide and support you in this 90-minute workshop, where you will:

  • Learn where your beliefs around sex come from

  • Understand how this affects your intimate behaviour

  • Appreciate the role stress has in sexual response

  • Explore your ‘erotic blueprint’

  • Decode your mind’s secret messages about your peak turn-ons

  • ...and more!


You will receive a workbook to fill in during the workshop, to create your own unique roadmap to more pleasure.

Ruth Ramsay sitting on a rug planning her Understanding Your Erotic Mind workshop

"I had never thought about sex in quite this way until I took this workshop. My mind is blown! I understand myself so much better and many mysteries of what has been going wrong in my sex life in the past are now solved. I look forward to putting what I have learnt into practice in my next relationship."

Mylee, 31

B​UY ACCESS NOW FOR £15 / ~$18

In purchasing you are consenting to receiving a link to an educational presentation which explicitly mentions sex.
One link per buyer, access for one month.

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