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Ruth Ramsay, Adult Sex Educator and Coach, sitting on a sofa looking up and left

Transform your sex life into a source of joy, not disappointment

Discover effective ways to boost your sexual happiness, with transformational coach and erotic expert Ruth Ramsay

  • Do you worry your sex life won't get better until you lose weight, change job or meet a new partner?

  • Do you put your erotic pleasure last – behind work, family, friends and Netflix?

  • Do you long for a change, but don’t know where to start?

  • Would you love some actionable, effective tips that go way beyond “get in the mood with a candle-lit bath”?


If you're a big "YES!"

I have good news: small, easy shifts in mindset can start you on an exciting path TODAY to a more joyful erotic life.

Take your first steps with my free guide, 

‘Eight Ways To Boost Your Sexual Happiness Without Losing Weight, Buying Expensive Underwear Or Changing Your Relationship Status’.

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