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In my coaching I welcome all genders. As a cisgender hetrosexual female (traditionally termed ‘straight woman’), I easily identify and empathise with that audience and they are attracted to working with me for the same reason. They subsequently make up a large proportion of my clients, and my branding and the terminology I used is sometimes slanted towards them. However my use of these terms is in no way intended to exclude other gender identities or sexual preferences.


As a coach I am very wary of the feeling “I know exactly what you mean, I’ve been there!”. That can lead to assumption, and assumptions are an enemy of good coaching – I am on constant alert to avoid them. Curiosity, careful listening (and attention also to body language, facial expression and what is NOT being said), accepting a client’s reality as they tell it, and seeing one’s client as a resourceful, creative, unbroken being, are the cornerstones of good coaching. These skills can be applied – sometimes more easily in fact – to a client whose life experience is very different to one’s own.


Coaching is appropriate for people who feel ready to move forward in life and take active steps to create the future they want. If there is unresolved trauma from the past or from present reality, then therapy or counselling are more appropriate. If you are struggling with your gender identity and needing support in finding your clarity, and releasing any related trauma, there are services more suitable than mine to support you at this point in your journey. As a starting point check out the LGBT Foundation or The Gender Identity Research And Education Society.


If however you are secure in your gender identity, and able to look towards creating your ideal sexual future, then coaching with me may be right for you. My general use of terms slanted towards a cis female audience is not meant to exclude cis male, trans, non-binary or other genders.


Why not book a discovery call and see whether we feel like a good fit.

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