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Ruth Ramsay, Adult Sex Educator and Coach, in a blue top and jeans sitting on a sofa

Experience a powerful private coaching journey (1-2-1 or with a partner) to transform your sexual life.
Are you ready to attain your own unique state of epic pleasure?

You are unique and so is your sexual history, ideal sexual future, your life situation and the pace with which you are comfortable addressing these topics.


Gift yourself the time to deeply explore, at the pace which suits you and with the help of coaching techniques I tailor to your learning style.

Your journey may include:

  • Understanding and overcoming your personal blocks to pleasure

  • Exploring your unique sexual personality

  • Dismantling limiting beliefs established in your upbringing

  • Making peace with your body and learning to see it as source of joy

  • Discovering your set of needs for optimum sexual experiences

  • Learning how to communicate within your relationship, or future relationships

  • Exploring the rich messages and learnings your fantasies offer you

  • Planning how to make space for erotic pleasure in your busy life

You will have my in-depth support on your journey.

Ruth Ramsay, Adult Sex Educator and Coach, topless and showing her latitude spine tattoo
Ruth Ramsay, Adult Sex Educator and Coach, in a blue flowery dress and red high heals twirling on a rug

I offer coaching packages formed of four private sessions plus tailored resources, homework and support between sessions. Typically this forms an 8-12 week in-depth journey.

I also offer single sessions with a follow-up resource list, for deep dives into one specific topic.



Four-session journey

£800 / US$1,018

Single session 

£230 / $293

(Installment options available)

Book a free 30 minute call to discuss whether a 1-2-1 journey is right for you. I look forward to supporting you in your exploration.

" Ruth is an excellent coach because she is authentically non-judgmental, knowledgeable, patient, intuitive, and has a deep, calming, almost hypnotic presence that delves through defense mechanisms and blocks. I have had experience with a wide range of coaches (and even therapists) and she's the best of them. "


Zoe, 44

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