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“As new parents, we wanted to reconnect as a couple"

"After discovering Ruth on Instagram I followed her work and liked her approach. So I agreed with my wife to set up a discovery call with Ruth to see if we could work together. Ruth was open and engaging - taking time to answer our questions and gently guide us to the best programme for us and our lifestyle 


Essentially as new parents we wanted to reconnect with ourselves and reconnect as a couple; and to better understand and fulfil the potential our intimacy can offer.


So many benefits unfolded on our journey! Including huge leaps on understanding of both the psychological and physiological aspects of our sex life together, all which helped us strengthen and complete our reconnection. The simple act of doing this programme together as a couple has brought us closer together - before the benefits of enjoying our intimate lives even more!


Ruth is a knowledgeable and skilled coach who guided us beautifully on this journey. We found that investing in your intimate life is money well spent."

Mr & Mrs Stokes, 49 & 40, engaged in a bespoke coaching package, 2022


"My attitude to sex has changed so much and I know this will change my life going forward."

“After a relationship breakup with a man I thought was ‘the one’, but I can now see was restricting me, I wanted to explore more  about who I am sexually. Passion8 happened with the perfect timing! It helped me to understand why I kept repeating past behaviours which actually were not giving me much pleasure and to forgive myself and other parties for that.

I could then move on and look forward. I found the module on fantasies, kink and ethical non monogamy especially fascinating. I explored all the extra resources on that one! I now don’t have the same assumptions going forward of how my relationships will be; I can question, and experiment, and find what is actually right for me. Maybe this will be monogamy but maybe not, and if it is, it will be a choice, that I will keep under review.

It was good to understand how to have the sexual life we want, we need to make an effort (but this effort can be great fun!), and to be honest with ourselves along with any partners.

My attitude to sex has changed so much and this I know will change my life going forward. My 30s look like they will be very different to what I might have pictured when I was younger… and I am so excited about them!”

Deepa, 29, single, took The Passion8 Programme in 2022


"I was nervous signing up to The Passion8 Programme, but it was extraordinary"

"Sex has been a hugely emotional and contentious issue in what is otherwise my amazing marriage. Communication around sex has been upsetting and painful with numerous misunderstandings caused by impossibly different viewpoints.

I was nervous signing up to The Passion8 Programme, but it was extraordinary. It enabled me to understand why my husband and I had been unable to see each other's perspectives for so many years and gave me the confidence to not only initiate conversation, but also to initiate sex itself!
The knowledge that I gained about sexual wiring has been a revelation. After just two modules, I had gained clarity on the difficulties we had experienced. It perfectly explained all of our past misunderstandings. The problems we'd had were actually far less complex than I had imagined, and even better... neither one of us was at fault.

I have felt so confused, upset and guilty in the past that it felt impossible to move forward. My new understanding has opened everything up - enabling healthy communication, acceptance and forgiveness. Our sex life now feels more equal, more relaxed and more fun, and filled with possibility."

Anna, 45, married with teenage children (took The Passion8 Programme in 2021)

"We have felt empowered to explore – with explosive effects!” 

"We had a pretty good sex life, but had got into a bit of a rut, especially during lockdown. We hoped Passion8 would teach us some new facts and provoke some interesting conversations about what we want. We also felt there is always more to learn – we are getting married, and want to be happy together for a lifetime, so don’t want to become complacent!

The course gave us deep insights into not only what the other person wants, but what we want ourselves. It gave us a common language with which to discuss potentially difficult topics.


We now understand how we each approach the bedroom differently, and what each of us can do to make sex more likely to happen, and more fun for us both.  The course literature and our own personal notes are something that we will continue to refer to in the future for reminders and new insights.

The course brought us closer together and has had a positive impact on our communication outside of the bedroom as well as in. Since the course, we have felt more empowered to explore different aspects of our sexual relationship – with explosive effects!”

Julia and Ian, engaged, 38 and 39, took The Passion8 Programme in 2021


“Passion8 did so much more than just reignite our spark!”

OLIVIA: “We hoped by doing Passion8 to reignite our erotic spark; we felt we were in a bit of a routine and sex was often the last thing on our list of priorities. I was deep down feeling a bit hurt that things were not how they used to be, even though all the other aspects of our relationship were really good.

Well, Passion8 gave us a lot more than just reigniting a spark! Even just making a commitment to the course started shifting things: our communication improved and we could approach the subject of sex with curiosity rather than seeing it as a measure of the quality of our relationship. This removed some of the emotional baggage for me. 

The course felt very liberating, helping me ditch what doesn't work for me instead of trying to change ‘me’ to fit into the ideas set out by of media/culture. The talk about pleasure activism in the last module was just ‘wow!’ and was what I needed to hear. I have been working on radical self-acceptance and ‘being more me’ and this resonated with my journey so much. 

I couldn't have imagined the positive impact of the course on the rest of our relationship: increased levels of playfulness, light-heartedness and mutual understanding. That the course was not just about sex, it was about choosing pleasure as a way of life. A heartfelt thank you.

BRIAN: “We came into the course thinking there was just one bit of our sex life we wanted to improve, but this has given us so much more. I hadn’t been aware of the sheer volume of excellent research and data on sex; or just how much of a change of outlook this knowledge can have on the rest of one’s life. 


It has already improved our erotic life, and our relationship as a result.  This course has genuinely changed my life for the better.”

Brian and Olivia, married, 30s, took The Passion8 Programme in 2021


“At 50, I felt as if sex and eroticism were no longer for me - but now I know there is (sex) life after divorce”

"After a 20-year marriage that ended in divorce, I felt completely terrified about all aspects of getting into a new relationship, with sex being at the top of my fear list. All sorts of past anxieties, judgements and self -criticism had come up for me, as well as the fear of not being 'good enough', 'experienced enough' or confident enough. Opening up to someone about sex and admitting my naivety, was way out of my comfort zone. But as I spoke to Ruth about my innermost thoughts, I could feel myself growing in confidence and realising that actually things weren't as bad as my mind had made them. My fear of rejection was normal and commonplace. Asking for what I want and being bolder in bed suddenly seemed possible. 

Ruth was unphased by anything I said, and was able to reflect my words back to me with precision and clarity. I spilled out a huge bundle of tangled thoughts and she was able to find the thread quickly. I loved the way she seemed to get into my head and kept the focus on the challenges and themes that were important to me, even when I veered off course sometimes. To be listened to so deeply was a gift.


At 50, I felt as if sex and eroticism were no longer for me, but now I know there really is (sex) life after divorce, and sex is there in abundance to be explored, enjoyed and anticipated with pleasure, not trepidation. I feel truly ready to fully embrace my sexual side, and connect with my inner goddess!"

Rachel, 50, 1-2-1 coaching client

"I feel sexier, full of self-acceptance and I'm opening up to experiences I'd always fantasised about"

"I'd started to experience something of a crisis of confidence in my sexual identity and attractiveness since reaching my forties. Ruth had a natural ability to put me at ease and I found myself confiding in her about things I'd never told anyone. After years of putting my needs after that of my partners' and always having felt fearful of being 'slut shamed' for my sexual desires, it was a deeply liberating experience to be able to be honest and frank.

Since working with Ruth, I feel sexier, full of self-acceptance and I'm opening up to experiences I'd always fantasied about, but hadn't had the confidence to voice. I'm loving the new 'me' and my partner has been very pleasantly surprised by my new-found confidence!"

Helen, 42, 1-2-1 coaching client


“I have reconnected with what I really want in bed - which looks very different to what I thought it would.”

"I had an epiphany about a year ago that I whilst I'd always considered myself to have a good sex life, I was getting what I wanted in bed a lot less than I cared to admit. This was not a case of inconsiderate or unwilling partners, more that I had lost touch with what I really wanted for myself and was going along with a generic idea of what sex should look like. On top of that, as I reached the menopause, I had a nagging belief that my best sexual experiences might soon be behind me.

Being part of the Passion8 Programme has been really important in creating ringfenced time to fully focus on an area of my life that I really value but that consistently found itself at the bottom of my list of priorities. The exercises allowed me to reconnect with what I really want in bed - which looks very different than I thought it would - and challenged some limiting and negative beliefs that I hadn't even been aware I was carrying.

I now feel like I know what I want and how to ask for it, and best of all, am really looking forward to what my mature years bring me sexually - I have a sneaky suspicion my most exciting times might yet be still to come! I'd highly recommend this course for anyone who feels that they need to reconnect with what they really want sexually. It has been a hugely empowering experience."

Siobhan, 49, single (took The Passion8 Programme in 2021)


"I looked at things deeply, rather than just skimming the surface for easy answers"

“Through coaching I hoped to get clarity on how I could move forward with my focus area, which was something I had felt 'blocked‘ about for some time. I was looking both for more understanding but also some concrete action to take.


Ruth helped me to prepare for the session with guide questions. I felt super clear on what to expect from the process so I went into our session feeling confident and excited. Ruth's calm, non-judgemental presence made it really easy to open up and her questions were challenging in a good way, encouraging me to look at things deeply rather than just skimming the surface for easy answers. It felt like a really safe space for exploration.


After the session, Ruth followed up with suggestions to help me towards my goals. These were not things that I would have been likely to find myself and so were particularly valuable. I went away feeling really positive. I had three really clear ways forward that I was excited to work on, one of which I had taken action on before the end of the day!”

Siobhan, 48, 1-2-1 coaching client

"Intriguing and fascinating!"

“The course's capacity to help me understand both my own and my partner's sexual selves has proved transformative for me. I'd felt a little shy about exploring this topic but the course is much more relevant to life's realities than I had expected. Plus sex as a topic turned out to be more interesting for its own sake than I had anticipated - I hadn't expected to find it so intriguing and fascinating! Five-star delivery and content - professional, slick, sleek. I’m so glad I gifted myself the time to do this course.

Kelly, 38, in a long-term relationship
(took The Passion8 Programme in 2021)


“I have reached new levels of intimacy, communication, honesty, expression - and most of all - JOY!”

“I'm polyamorous and have long-term relationships, and also am actively dating. I was very experienced sexually and in some ways thought that I didn't need coaching - but at the same time I was facing some real frustration around dating, relationships, eroticism, and sex.

I started our first session saying that I didn't expect transformation, and was laughing by the end of it because there was massive transformation. Ruth helped me look at parts of myself I didn't know were in play, and once I saw them in action, I let them go and they disappeared. I literally came out of our first session a different person from who I was going into it.

Ruth has a unique ability to blend objective coaching with intuitive, emotional suggestions. The combination provided powerful insights about how I was being in relationship. Each session left me with homework, which made the experience much more than just learning about myself.

Ruth is authentically non-judgmental, experienced, knowledgeable, patient, focused, empathic, intuitive, and has a deep, calming, almost hypnotic presence that delves through defense mechanisms and blocks. I have had experience with a wide range of coaches (and even therapists) and she's the best of them. Through Ruth's coaching I have reached new levels of intimacy, communication, honesty, expression - and most of all - JOY!”

Zoe, 44, 1-2-1 coaching client


“About relationships and communication as much as about pleasure and passion.”

This course covered such an extraordinary range of topics, there was something for everyone – from anatomy to kink! I’ve saved so many resources for future reference. I loved the focus on communication, which has proved to be a powerful aphrodisiac with my husband of 30-plus years;.To me, the course was about relationships and communication as much as about pleasure and passion. The workbooks were beautifully laid out, informative and useful and the live presentations were so engaging and informative. The big breakthrough for me was the role of mindfulness in the bedroom… and finding out after all this time that I am normal!

Mary, 57, married with adult children
(took The Passion8 Programme in 2021)


"It felt like a sensual awakening"


"I booked the striptease lesson because I was curious about how to own my feminine energy, to create a dance that felt sensual for me and would look good for anyone who might eventually watch. Some good moves for a striptease feel like something sexy and empowering to have in my repertoire. I wouldn't say that I'm the most naturally graceful / flexible / lithe human being, so I was a bit nervous that I might struggle with the moves. But Ruth made everything seem super-easy.


I enjoyed watching Ruth and then dancing with her, to music which we had chosen together. It felt like a sensual awakening. Two particular concepts stuck with me after the lesson which are soooo effective! I’d recommend a lesson to anyone who is curious about the power, energy, and sensuality of their female / femme body, and who wants to harness that for their own pleasure and empowerment. One word to describe the experience? Empowering. And extremely sexy (because one word doesn't really do justice to it!)."

Alex, 30


"Now I know if I can ask for what I want in the bedroom, I can ask for it anywhere else"

"I have been working with women for years and I know the topic of eroticism and sex is something they often struggle talking about - though if asked whether they happy with the way things are, the answer would be 'no'. I knew bringing Ruth to them [on my Facebook Live] would be a game-changer. She has this crazy amount of knowledge, but more importantly - she listens and never judges.


Ruth made me see how there is no shame in wanting to create a better sex life and how skills we use in the bedroom are transferable to other parts of life. Now I know if I can ask for what I want in the bedroom, I can ask for it anywhere else. I coach women on creating more fulfilling lives and when the subjects of sex, eroticism and wanting more in the bedroom come up  - Ruth will be the person I will happily direct my clients to."

Monika, 32


"My guests loved hearing Ruth talk and went away more knowledgeable and also curious"


"Ruth has spoken at my Supper Clubs twice. She really knows her subject inside and out. She has a warm aura and her eye contact is direct but soft - she has a lovely calmness about her that makes her approachable. She has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and welcome. Everyone felt at ease to ask questions to understand the topic. My guests loved hearing Ruth talk and went away more knowledgeable and also curious which is great - the subject had everyone thinking."

Vivienne, 49


"I ultimately learned that it's all down to confidence and attitude"

"My striptease lesson with Ruth was a magical experience. I had never done exotic dance before  - or even been to a strip club - but she made me feel completely at ease. I learnt smart and simple tricks that I can actually perform but ultimately learned that it's all down to confidence and attitude. Fully recommended to anyone who feels curious and wants to improve her/his self-confidence, and abandon taboos."

Zaira, 29



"I was so impressed with this webinar! It had humour, authority and authenticity. Quite a bit of the science was new to me - it was pleasingly precise. Why isn't this stuff taught in schools? It would save some people a lifetime of heartbreak."

Nathan, 45

"It was great to hear Ruth talking and opening up about sex and arousal from a woman's perspective. It got me thinking about past sexual encounters and how my partners might have felt during the experience, and what I might do differently now, with this new knowledge. The stuff around communication is something we can all benefit from and would go a long way towards building a deeper understanding in the bedroom."

Ben, 31

"This webinar was bloody brilliant! As a female I really enjoyed it, learned a lot and found it super-interesting. I would be so thrilled if I heard a guy had been on this course - total turn-on, to know he genuinely gives a damn about the woman in his bed."

Jacqui, 41

"I watched the webinar with my fiance and it led to some great conversations. Ruth had a great way of breaking things down so they make perfect sense. I didn't know about the anatomy of the clitoris - but my fiance did! There were 'OMG, I thought that was just me' moments for me - it was very reassuring to know I am normal."

Gilly, 38

"Outstanding. Life-changing. Just - wow. Why didn't someone tell me this stuff years ago!?"

Neil, 32

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