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Exploring Your Sexual Fantasies

Fantasies: we all have them, but admitting them can be one of our deepest taboos...

The latest research on fantasies blows the lid off our assumptions - who's fantasising what, and how often. For example, did you know that people socialised as women growing up are most likely to fantasise about being 'adult babies'? Or that those socialised as men are most likely to have gender-fluid fantasies? Can you guess what the number-one most common fantasy is?

In this recording, sex coach Ruth Ramsay will share what shapes our fantasy landscape, as individuals and culturally; where our fantasies come from; the clever ways in which they are boosting our mental health; how to judge whether to share them with a partner… And the big question: whether to bring them into reality.

Join Ruth for a fascinating, informative recording, during which you’ll have the opportunity to analyse your own top fantasies.

Please email for access to this recording.

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