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Want to know how a woman can experience her highest peaks of ecstasy while in bed with you? Then this presentation from Ruth Ramsay is for you!



Reframe “making her cum,” into supporting her to experience her greatest pleasure possible.

  • From mindset to arousal science, from anatomy to communication, via sex toy tips and why she’s faked orgasms in the past (but won’t feel a need to with you)... Ruth will cover all this and more - including the number-one passion-killing thing NEVER to say to someone with a vulva.

  • Do you find yourself thinking “women tell us again and again what not to do… Please tell us what to DO!”? This presentation promises just that.

  • Women and other vulva-owners welcome – you may learn something about your own arousal and needs.

  • Please note this is a recording, not a Zoom meeting - you do not appear on-screen.

  • Get ready to be enlightened, encouraged, informed and inspired.

"I was so impressed with this webinar! It had humour, authority and authenticity. Quite a bit of the science was new to me - it was pleasingly precise. Why isn't this stuff taught in schools? It would save some people a lifetime of heartbreak."

Nathan, 45

B​UY ACCESS NOW FOR £18 / ~$23

In purchasing you are consenting to receiving a link to an educational presentation which explicitly mentions sex.
One link per buyer, access for one month.

  • Who is The Passion8 Programme for?
    Everyone who wants to improve their sex life, whatever their gender, orientation or relationship status. You do need to be coming from a place of "I'm not satisfied and I feel there is more for me..." or similar, not from a place of unresolved trauma. If you feel held back by something you've not had the support to deal with, you need to address that first, with therapy or counselling. Coaching (which is what Passion8 is) works for people who are ready and able to take active steps forward, but want/need support in doing so.
  • "I'm currently single - is there any point in doing Passion8 now?"
    Being single is actually a GREAT time for this. You can be super-honest with yourself about what you want and need, without taking a partner into account. Imagine going into your next encounter or relationship empowered with that knowledge, along with the communication skills the course will teach you?
  • "I'd love to do the course, but my partner won't be up for it"
    I've seen relationships transformed by one partner taking the course (typically a female partner in a heterosexual relationship who hasn't necessarily told her boyfriend/husband that she's even doing the course...). Sometimes it takes one partner to be brave and take a step like this initially alone.
  • "Will I have to do a full-moon dance, buy a crystal yoni egg, and other woo-woo stuff?"
    No! The Passion8 Programme uses coaching methodology and is based around verbal and written exercises and learning. Of course if singing, dancing and crystals are your thing, you're welcome to add those. The course supports you in finding what’s right for YOU.
  • "Are there practical exercises? I don't think I'm ready for that"
    No, there are no practical exercises or homework. There is plenty that may inspire you to explore practically! - but that's entirely up to you, at your own pace.
  • "Something bad happened to me and I haven't been able to enjoy intimacy since. Will this course help?"
    The fact you're even considering this course suggests you're on a path of healing, which is great. However, coaching is suited to people who are ready to look positively into their future and take active steps forward. If trauma from the past holds you back, then counselling/therapy with a trained psychotherapist is a better first step. [In the UK, mental health charity MIND has a comprehensive list of support organisations. Search engines will help you find similar in other countries.]
  • “What if I have questions during the course – do I get 1-2-1 time with you?”
    I am available throughout the course on email to answer quick questions (ones that will take me less than ten minutes to reply to). If you need more in-depth support, you can arrange a 1-2-1 session with me at a special Passion8 members' rate.
  • “What if I sign up, then am disappointed?”
    If you engage fully with the course, and at the end don't feel it has had any beneficial effect on your sexual life, I'll give you your course fee back (see T&Cs for more on this here). Note - no-one has ever taken me up on this, in fact I often get told after just a couple of modules that the course fee has already been wort every penny!
  • "Do I get access to the materials after the course ends?"
    Yes, you get access to the video presentations for four additional weeks. You can download the workbooks and resource lists to keep forever.

*Please note: The use of the word 'woman' in the headline, rather than 'people with vulvas who have been socialised as women', is aimed at bring this event to the widest possible attention of the target audience of hetrosexual men. Ruth acknowledges not all people who identify as women have vulvas, and not everyone with a vulva identifies as a woman.

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