Do you want MORE from your sexual life - epic pleasure, joy and satisfaction, for you and your partner(s)...


...but feel unsure where to start,  uninformed or embarrassed about the whole topic?

My Passion8 Programme will take you on a journey of discovery across eight areas of your sexual life.

After taking this course you will:

  • Move from confusion and embarrassment, to knowing your core erotic personality and the conditions you need for great sex

  • Release negative emotional patterns and limiting beliefs which are holding you back from epic pleasure, and establish healthy, nourishing new patterns

  • Be knowledgeable and confident about your (and any partners’) body sexually and the practical science of how arousal works (it’s not what you were taught!!)

  • Rid yourself of shyness, be able to communicate and empathise with a partner, have more understanding of their sexual needs and ensure both theirs and yours are met

  • Stop "never having time" for sex, with practical tools to make sure life practicalities and busy-ness don’t push play off the agenda

  • Be confident to explore your fantasies - however wild – and bring elements into your real life sex life safely and healthily

  • Bring all of the above together into sexual experiences that will blow not only your mind but also your soul

  • Move from a feeling of lack to an overflow of abundance, creating and maintaining vibrant erotic energy in your life, for your pleasure, creativity and health way beyond the bedroom.

"Sex has been a hugely emotional and contentious issue in my otherwise amazing marriage. The Passion8 Programme was extraordinary. I have felt so confused, upset and guilty in the past that it felt impossible to move forward, but my new understanding thanks to the Programme has opened everything up - enabling healthy communication, acceptance and forgiveness. Our sex life now feels more equal, more relaxed, more fun, and filled with possibility." Emma, 45

During this eight-week online course, receive a live weekly webinar (recording available), workbook for the week’s guided self-coaching, and extensive homework/resources lists.


Your identity is protected on the webinars: only Ruth is on screen, ask questions and share thoughts anonymously via the online Q&A box. Optional group meetings for those who do want to share face to face.

The investment for this in-depth journey is


(pay-in-instalments £498 - 3 x £166).

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