​I'm Ruth, transformational coach, UK Erotic Award winner and intimacy expert, and I'm here to help you transform your sexual life to one of joy, confidence and pleasure.

Through my online courses or private coaching, I'll help you understand who you truly are sexually, what you want and need, and how to get it. Get ready to feel truly fulfilled.


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Work with Me

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1-2-1 Transformation

Experience a powerful 1-2-1 coaching journey to transform your erotic world

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The Passion8 Programme

My eight-part course, guiding you through a total overhaul of your erotic life

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Striptease Lessons

Learn the beautiful and empowering art of striptease and connect deeply to your erotic spirit.

" I wouldn't have been able to have this kind of mind-blowing, categorically different, life-altering sex without you! Thank you! "


Zoe, 44