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Start Your Weekends In Bed With Me

Weekly bedroom tips and self-coaching prompts with UK Erotic Award winner and sex coach Ruth Ramsay


Sign up for my ‘Something For The Weekend’ Saturday email, full of bedroom tips, self-coaching prompts, saucy first-hand stories (which you WON'T find on my Instagram), and first dibs on my special offers and events.

“I look forward to Something For The Weekend – reading it in bed has become a Saturday morning ritual. There is always something thought-provoking for me to ponder – and sometimes practice! – over my weekend. I’ve learnt so much about myself sexually which has helped liven up my marriage.”

Jessica, 38

“What I like is that the emails encourage me to explore who I am erotically, rather than telling me how I ‘should’ be. I’m single at the moment, and feel that I will go in to my next relationship so much better equipped than I have been in the past, to create a sex life I can really enjoy.”

Cassey, 33

"Hi, I’m Ruth, sex and intimacy coach.

My mission is the recognition of erotic energy as a powerful force for good."


"In my 20s I ditched a glamorous career in fashion journalism to follow my dream of becoming a striptease artist. I spent over a decade as a dancer and sex-positive campaigner – appearing on UK platforms as prestigious as BBC Radio 4, The Erotic Review, and The Times newspaper. I won an Erotic Award for my work supporting the sexual rights of people with disabilities.


Now I combine my vast lived experience with a transformational coaching diploma, supporting my coaching clients in revolutionising their sexual lives and relationships. I’m unshockable, and literate in BDSM and ethical non-monogamy. Want a coach you know will NEVER slut-shame or judge you, and is dedicated to supporting you in finding YOUR version of erotic happiness? That’s me.

I am also a happy wife and stepmum. In my time off you’ll find me on a beach, a dancefloor or at a kink party – anywhere with music, physical fun, and good vibes.


I'd love you to join me on the journey towards better sex and more pleasure. Let's make our bedrooms - and the world - a happier place."

​​“I had no idea how narrow my view of sex was until I joined Ruth’s community by signing up for Something For The Weekend. It has really opened my eyes and helped me explore my desires, recognise my boundaries, and voice my needs more with my partner. She and I have been talking about sex in a way we never did before, using Ruth’s emails as a starting point.”

Becky, 29

Sign up for Something For The Weekend here:

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