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Want to get/stay rave-fit?

Start your day with the Morning Music Movement


FREE TASTER SESSION: email or DM @themorningmusicmovement on Instagram to book

The Morning Music Movement is an uplifting live online workout series, featuring banging sets from the best DJs playing the world's top venues and events over the past 25 years. Join us Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 07:30am (UK time) for 40-minute, 360°-fitness workouts that will put a smile on your face. Adaptable to your own fitness level and needs.

Led by Ruth Ramsay  - PT for 10+ years; clubber for 20+ years.

A positive way to set you up for the day ahead. Protect and bolster your mental health, wake up your body in a safe and energised way

A different soundtrack to each workout.

Live via Zoom with recordings available for six days after.

FREE TASTER SESSION: email or DM @themorningmusicmovement on Instagram to book

Here's what members say...

“Two things put MMM way ahead of your typical online exercise class. The first is that pleasure is important. While I come out of the sessions feeling like I’ve had a good workout, I’m never dying. Ruth makes it clear we are free to go at our own pace, and they key thing about the classes is we enjoy them. The second thing is that the music is awesome. Exercise music never quite hits the spot when you’re a fan of electronic music, but Ruth picks some fab sets! As well as a few firm favourites having showed up, I’ve also discovered new artists and have a whole load of new sets saved on my Soundcloud.”

"I can see my waist again!! Since joining MMM, I've gone from a shapeless mass, to a body where I can see definition on my arms, thighs, waist and back. I feel fitter and have more mobility. The dull ache I've had in my back for years has disappeared."

“MMM has been a complete lifesaver during the pandemic. I love the endorphin rush after a good workout and the feeling of being fit, but this period has been stressful, and I found it really hard to motivate myself. It has been a lifeline to have an enjoyable class to look forward to and to get me out of bed in the mornings.”

FREE TASTER SESSION: email or DM @themorningmusicmovement on Instagram to book

"Hi, I’m Ruth: PT 10+ years, clubber 20+ years"


I've always had a love of clubbing and electronic music, starting my adventures in the London club scene at Turnmills, The Cross and The End in the late 90s. My first Ibiza holiday circa 2003 cemented this love. Working as a striptease artist and pole dancer for over a decade allowed me to bring music into my working life. After leaving the strip world, I trained as a fitness instructor, partly to be on my feet, making people smile, with music on all day as my job.

Fast-forward several years and the pandemic closed my gym. I immediately launched a free weekly online fitness sessions for my 'Trance Family', as a way of staying connected with trance-loving friends, sharing the love of music and sweating together while the clubs were closed. This evolved into a fundraiser for mental health charity Mind, raising over £500.


In summer 2020 I launched The Morning Music Movement (MMM). A small but commited band of MMM members got up and worked out at 07.30am three times a week through the lockdowns - through my musical selections discovering new DJs, rediscovering old names, reminiscing over clubs and festivals past, and looking forward to where the scene will go next. Every few months I donated profits from a session to We Make Events, supporting out-of-work DJs, event organisers and staff. In designing the workouts I blend my fitness trainer experience, elements of my dance background, and knowledge of the best music to get your heart beating faster.

Now the world is (hopefully) opening up, it's time to open up MMM too! Fitter and more enthused about music than ever, thanks to MMM, myself and my husband and tech support Nev, now want to bring MMM to a wider audience. Please follow us on Instagram, tell your raving friends about us, and join us for your free taster session.

FREE TASTER SESSION: email or DM @themorningmusicmovement on Instagram to book

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