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Fantasies, feathers, and healing broken hearts - my June/July events

OMG I've got soooo much good stuff coming up for you...

Are you curious to understand your fantasies? Intrigued about what makes a great striptease? Needing support in moving on from a broken heart? Or feeling like you need an entire sexual overhaul?

Over the next few weeks, I've got you covered on all the above and more! Read on for what's coming up from me in the rest of June and in July.

MY PAYING SUBSTACK SUPPORTERS GET WORKSHOPS FREE - join here [applies to my solo workshops only, not SUUNA masterclass series]

Exploring Your Sexual Fantasies workshop - Wednesday 19 June, 8pm, online (recording available for ticket holders)

I will share what shapes our fantasy landscape, as individuals and culturally; where our fantasies come from; the clever ways in which they are boosting our mental health; how to judge whether to share them with a partner… And the big question: whether to bring them into reality.

Your First Play Party workshop - Tuesday 2 July, 8pm, online (recording available for ticket holders)

You may be super-curious about sex parties or kink events... but how do you know when you’re ready to go to one? How do you speak with your partner about it (if you have one)? How do you make sure everyone gets the most from the experience? And that it's safe and fun? This workshop takes you through a guided process to answer all these questions and many more.

Moving On From A Sexual Breakup workshop - Wednesday 10 July, 8pm, online (recording available for ticket holders)

A NEW workshop from me, by demand! I'll support you in detoxing from your previous sexual relationship, identifying the most important lessons to take forward, regaining confidence in your body, and exploring what this new phase of freedom offers you.

Down To Basics Striptease workshop - Thursday 18th July, 8pm, online (NOT recorded - live attendance only)

In this practical workshop I share the secrets around the creative prep, theory and mindset that underlies a great performance. I then cover erotic dance movement basics and teach a feather boa routine incorporating what you’ve learnt. [No nudity]

THROUGHOUT JULY: The Sexual Wellness Masterclass - online

In July I am running three workshops through online sex-positive community SUUNA, to guide you in revamping your sexual life.

Your Sexual Mind - Wednesday 3 July, 5pm 

Your Sexual Body - Wednesday 17 July, 5pm

Your Sexual Life - Wednesday 31 July, 5pm

In these 90-minute workshops I walk you through the most effective exercises from The Passion8 Programme. Along with resources and optional extra exercises, and accompanying workbooks, together they equip you to revamp your sex life in one month.

Find out more and book here:

If you have any questions about any of the above, just contact me.

It's going to be a busy and exciting few weeks... I'm hugely excited to fulfil my life's purpose: supporting people to connect to their sexual energy as a force for pleasure and positive change.

Ruth Ramsay, sex coach, sits upright on a brown sofa, wearing a dark blue blouse and denim jeans, her dark brown hair is in a ponytail, she is smiling and holding a notepad.

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