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Online, Next Event To Be Announced Soon

Want to know how a woman can experience her highest peaks of ecstasy while in bed with you? Then this live presentation from Ruth Ramsay is for you!


Reframe “making her cum,” into supporting her to experience her greatest pleasure possible.

  • From mindset to arousal science, from anatomy to communication, via sex toy tips and why she’s faked orgasms in the past (but won’t feel a need to with you)... Ruth will cover all this and more - including the number-one passion-killing thing NEVER to say to someone with a vulva.

  • Do you find yourself thinking “women tell us again and again what not to do… Please tell us what to DO!”? This presentation promises just that.

  • Women and other vulva-owners welcome – you may learn something about your own arousal and needs.

  • Please note this is a webinar, not a Zoom meeting - you do not appear on-screen.

  • There will be time for questions at the end via the Zoom Q&A box. What have you always wanted to ask an open-minded, experienced, unshockable woman (with a sense of humour) about sex? Now’s your chance!

  • Get ready to be enlightened, encouraged, informed and inspired.

Matt C Smith - content creator, YouTuber, guest host of podcast ‘Lets Talk About Sex Jamie’, and all-round-cool man-about-Lisbon - gives us his thoughts on Ruth Ramsay's ‘How To Please A Woman In Bed’ live webinar.

"I was so impressed with this webinar! It had humour, authority and authenticity. Quite a bit of the science was new to me - it was pleasingly precise. Why isn't this stuff taught in schools? It would save some people a lifetime of heartbreak."


Nathan, 45

Online, Tuesday 22 March 2022, 8pm (GMT)



Please note: The use of the word 'woman' in the headline, rather than 'people with vulvas who have been socialised as women', is aimed at bring this event to the widest possible attention of the target audience of hetrosexual men. Ruth acknowledges not all people who identify as women have vulvas, and not everyone with a vulva identifies as a woman.

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