It's time for the most pleasurable, playful, connected sex of your life...



Are you ready for epic sex... and so much more? It's time to go on a journey of discovery across eight areas of your erotic life.

Do you want MORE from your sexual life - epic pleasure, joy and satisfaction, for you and your partner(s)...

 ... but feel unsure where to start, uninformed, or embarrassed about the whole topic? Then The Passion8 Programme is for you.

  • Eight powerful modules

  • 60-90 minute presentation (plus recording) per week

  • Weekly worksheets & 100-plus hours of resource suggestions

  • Optional Zoom meeting to share lessons with fellow course participants.

  • All genders and sexualities welcome

  • Full anonymity - no compulsory sharing

  • Tuesdays, 8pm (UK time)

  • Eight week course

During this course you will:

  • Move from confusion and embarrassment, to claiming your core erotic personality and the conditions you need for great sex

  • Release negative emotional patterns and limiting beliefs which are holding you back from epic pleasure, and establish healthy, nourishing new patterns

  • Be knowledgeable and confident about your (and any partners’) body sexually and the practical science of how arousal works (it’s not what you were taught!!)

  • Rid yourself of shyness to be able to communicate and empathise with a partner, have more understanding of their sexual needs and ensure both theirs and yours are met

  • Stop "never having time" for sex, with practical tools to make sure life practicalities and busy-ness don’t push play off the agenda

  • Be confident to explore your fantasies - however wild – and bring elements into your real life sex life safely and healthily

  • Bring all of the above together into sexual experiences that will blow not only your mind but also your soul

  • Move from a feeling of lack to an overflow of abundance, creating and maintaining vibrant erotic energy in your life, for your pleasure, creativity and health way beyond the bedroom.


"The programme has enabled us to compassionately challenge our thoughts and beliefs about sex and eroticism, and given us the tools to remodel and express ourselves however we intuitively desire. A life-changing experience."


Emma, 35 and Toby, 38

The investment for this sex-and-life-changing journey is

£250 / ~$350 - individual place
£350 / ~$490 - couples' place

(includes extra couples-specific resource)

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It Starts With You: Creating The Mindset For Erotic Transformation – guide

You don’t need to wait until you find a partner, lose weight, have less outside demands on your time, or your current partner agrees to show an interest: erotic transformation begins inside your own mind. This self-coaching workbook will empower you to realise change starts with you, and continues with you - at your own pace and in your own way. Lose your fear of addressing this topic and instead become excited about being the architect of your own pleasure.

(VALUE £50)

Imagine knowing (and loving) yourself better, knowing what you want and need erotically, how to communicate that, and how to prioritise pleasure in your life.

​This course will teach you all that and so much more.

Are you ready?


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Want to discuss whether the course is right for you before signing up?

Book a free 15 minute discovery call with me here.


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