It's time for the most pleasurable, playful, connected sex of your life...



"A life-changing experience" "Hugely empowering"
"Sex now feels relaxed, fun, and full of possibility!"

Do you long for a more exciting, playful, juicy and fulfilling sex life, but have no idea how to make a change?

"I'd die of embarrassment to talk about it"
"I feel like everyone knows it all, except me"
"I've been chronically single for ages"
"My sex life is so dead, it needs a miracle to revive it"
"My partner and I lost the spark years ago"
"I'm not sure I even know what good sex is"...

I've got you: I created The Passion8 Programme for you. It's an eight-week, step by step, deep dive into what YOU need for a vibrant sex life. And participation is anonymous - you don't have to talk or share.


It's NEVER too late to aim for a happier, healthier sex life: whether you're single or in a relationship; whether you're 21 or 61; whether you're wildly experienced or feel like a newbie. As a sex coach, I've seen people transform at all ages and from all sorts of situations. It can feel like a dire sex life is a shameful secret no-one can help with - but over eight weeks, I will gently take you from embarrassed and uninformed to confident, educated and empowered.
Imagine having intimate, connected, exhilarating sex , with the confidence and communication skills to ask for what you want, and to be a great lover. As well as a hotter time in bed, how would life outside the bedroom change - would you be a happier, healthier version of you? The Passion8 Programme will take you there.

  • Eight week online course - eight modules (details below)

  • Full privacy/anonymity, no compulsory sharing

  • Suitable for all genders and sexualities, singles, couples, thruples...

  • 60-75 minute presentation from Ruth each week to watch at a time of your choosing

  • Weekly guided coaching workbooks, to apply lessons to yourself 

  • Regular motivation to keep up with the programme

  • Extensive resource lists (100-plus hours optional content)

  • Optional online live group meeting to share discoveries

  • Money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied (subject to T&Cs).


  • Module One: Your Core Erotic Type. Move from confusion and embarrassment, to understanding your core erotic personality

  • Module Two: Your Erotic Mind. Release negative emotional patterns and beliefs, choose empowering new ones, and play detective to discover your mind's deepest turn-ons

  • Module Three: Your Erotic Body. Be knowledgeable about your anatomy and the science of arousal (they didn't teach you this at school!)

  • Module Four: Partners In Bliss. Learn to confidently communicate and empathise with a partner, and ensure everyone's needs are blissfully met

  • Module Five: Prioritising Pleasure. Stop "never having time" for sex, with practical tools to make play is not pushed off the agenda

  • Module Six: Between The Sheets. Apply what you've learnt to what actually happens when you get it on - be that solo or with company

  • Module Seven: Fantasies & Beyond. Fantasies, kink, ethical non-monogamy... Explore and learn how to bring chosen elements into your sex life safely and healthily.

  • Module Eight: A Passionate Life. Bring it all together into sexual experiences that will blow not only your mind but also your soul


"The programme has enabled us to compassionately challenge our thoughts and beliefs about sex and eroticism, and given us the tools to remodel and express ourselves however we intuitively desire. A life-changing experience."


Emma, 35 and Toby, 38

The investment for this sex-and-life-changing journey is

£250 / ~$350 - individual place
£350 / ~$490 - couples' place

(includes extra couples-specific resource)

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It Starts With You: Creating The Mindset For Erotic Transformation – guide

You don’t need to wait until you find a partner, lose weight, have less outside demands on your time, or your current partner agrees to show an interest: erotic transformation begins inside your own mind. This self-coaching workbook will empower you to realise change starts with you, and continues with you - at your own pace and in your own way. Lose your fear of addressing this topic and instead become excited about being the architect of your own pleasure.

(VALUE £50)

Imagine the happiness, playfulness and awesome sex that comes with knowing (and loving) yourself better, knowing what you want, how to communicate that, and how to prioritise pleasure in your life. This course will teach you all that - and so much more.

Are you ready?


By proceeding to payment you confirm you have accepted the Passion 8 Programme Terms & Conditions viewable here.


Frequently asked questions

"Is my attendance private? I don't want anyone to know I am on the course, or other participants to be able to contact me."

Yes, your attendance is private. No-one else knows you are on the course, and attendees are not in contact with each other. There is one optional online meeting for attendees who DO want to share their experience of the course.

"I'd love to do the course, but I'm single, is there any point?"

Being single is actually a GREAT time to address your erotic happiness. You can be super-honest with yourself about what you want and need, without taking a partner into account. The Programme teaches you how to communicate this with a future partner. Imagine going into your next sexual encounter or relationship, empowered with that knowledge and those skills?

"Will I have to sing to my vagina, do a full-moon Goddess dance, buy a crystal dildo, and other woo-woo stuff?"

No, you won't! The Passion8 Programme uses coaching methodolgy and is based around verbal and written exercises and learning. Of course if the singing, dancing and crystal dildos are your bag, you're welcome to add that in.

"Something bad happened to me and I haven't been able to enjoy sex since. I've never told anyone, will this course help?"

Firstly, that fact you're even considering this course suggests you're on a path of healing - sending you love and positive energy for that. But coaching (as in The Passion8 Programme) is suited to people who are ready to look positively into their future and take active steps forward. If trauma from the past holds you back from doing that, then counselling/therapy with a trained psychotherapist is a better first step. In the UK, mental health charity MIND has a comprehensive list of support organisations ( Search engines will help you find similar in other countries.

"I'm undecided, can I talk to you?"

Yes, sure - you can book a 15 minute call with me here.