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Ruth Ramsay, Adult Sex Educator and Coach, Striptease Logo

Do you want to feel in touch with your erotic spirit, confident in your body and empowered with a new way to communicate physically?

A striptease lesson can be a deeply transformative experience, enabling you to access erotic energy which may have been suppressed for years.

" I felt a deeper connection with myself as an erotic being. "

Ruth Ramsay, Adult Sex Educator and Coach, topless and showing her spine tattoo

Each lesson is 90 minutes and is tailored to you.

So much more than a 'copy me' lesson - I combine elements of coaching in the pre-lesson prep to help you discover and express your erotic self. You will receive a tip sheet and technique video afterwards (see FAQs for more info).

Lessons take place over Zoom, so are available wherever you are! Learning online works great for beginners. My testimonial from Petra is from an online lesson.

In-person lessons may be possible in Bucks/Herts/Oxfordshire (extra charges apply).

My blog piece, 'Learning the empowering art of striptease', explains more about this powerful experience.


One to one, fully bespoke lesson £180 / $225 USD

My Striptease Story

Ruth Ramsay, Adult Sex Educator and Coach, in a modelling pose reclining backwards over a gold chair
Magazine and newspaper articles featuring Ruth Ramsay, Adult Sex Educator and Coach

I worked full-time as a striptease artist for 12 years, mostly in and around London, UK, but performing in as far-flung locations as New York, Brussels, Tenerife and Taipei. I taught for London School Of Striptease for several years and independently.


As a teacher I have taught all sorts of people, from midlife women reclaiming their bodies, to excited hen parties, to transgender women exploring expression of their femininity. As a dancer I performed at a huge variety of clubs, parties and one-off events, and in film, TV and music videos. I won an award for my campaigning work for the erotic rights of people with disabilities.


Teaching striptease is one of my favourite things in the world to do – to see the empowerment, pleasure and joy for my students of connecting to their erotic energy.

Ruth Ramsay, Adult Sex Educator and Coach, in an Amnesia Ibiza vest and blue jeans sun worshiping against a wall

" In the beginning of the lesson I became aware of the areas where I needed to practice self-compassion and self-acceptance, rather than allowing my inner critic to lead the experience. With Ruth’s guidance the inner critic transformed into to a stable, sensual erotic presence. That presence had a power which was deeper than I expected.

Even though I have practiced conscious sexuality practices, I was not used to extending and holding my sensual erotic presence in the field around me with conscious intention. I learned how to radiate it out from me, rather than saving it for moments of direct intimate touch with my partner, and felt a deeper connection with myself as an erotic being. The lesson also created a new awareness around being able to convey non-verbal messages through erotic dance. I found it powerful and fascinating! "


Petra, 46


Video credit: Isolation Films @weareisolationfilms

Do I need any dance experience?

None at all! And you don’t need a good memory… There is no long choreography to ‘memorise’, I send you a tip sheet after the lesson and a video of the two floor sequences we will do.

Does the lesson involve nudity?

Not necessarily. You can choose not to learn to remove underwear, or you can wear a bikini top under your bra and a g-string under your panties (so you can take the top layer off but not be naked).

Striptease FAQs

Is the lesson private?

Yes, I will be teaching from a private room, and the lessons are not recorded.

Can I record the lesson?

No, due to the nature of the lessons they are not to be recorded. You will receive a tip sheet and a video of the two floorwork sequences after the lesson.

Do I have to be fit?

The moves are adaptable for people of different physical abilities. You do not have to be fit or flexible! I will ask in advance about any physical conditions which limit your movement and tailor the lesson accordingly.

Do I have to have my camera on?

Yes, but at no point will I ask you to dance when I am not dancing too

(I never sit and watch you).

I have a specific outfit I want to learn to strip out of, specific music, or a specific occasion I want to learn for:

Great! The lesson is bespoke so I can tailor it for what you need.

I have no idea about outfits or music:

Don’t worry! I will ask a few questions to help you come up with some preferences, or I can lead the choices.

Can I share a lesson with friends?

Yes, contact me to discuss what you need.

I’m interested but super-nervous… Can we have a chat before I decide?

Yes of course, contact me to book a free call.

Do you teach men?

Very occasionally. Contact me and we can discuss why you want to learn.

Can I book you to teach at my event?

Yes, contact me and we'll talk.

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